App Features

Create new or join an existing event

Are you attending to a great event? Create it as a HiLights™ Event or join it if it has already been created. Then you, your relatives/friends can start tagging right away.

App Features

Tag your preferred moments

During the event and directly from your phone you will be able tag your preferred moments (add markers) and set the players and play-types involved to it.

App Features

Replay your tagged moments anytime

Once the event has finished you will be able to replay any of those markers.

App Features

Keep, Share, Export

You might want to share with the world your memories. HiLights™ not only let you keep your tagged moments, but also create albums with your favorite ones, and generate animated GIFs for sharing with your social network.

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Excited to try HiLights™?



Customized for your needs. Focused toward Coaches, Clubs and Leagues.

  • Embedded Player with Top 10 HiLights across games by player, team, league
  • Add markers after game is finished
  • Highlight a pre-recorded video
  • Compilation Videos for Sharing & Recruiting
  • Self-Hosted Storage
  • Live drawing tool
  • Set it & Forget It Camera
  • 3 Channels for Revenue Sharing

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